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Welcome to our Home Page!

This page was designed to share with you additional pictures from the wedding and reception and also pictures from other events that occurred after the wedding.  We hope you enjoy it!

Go to the Photos section to see the pictures that were taken with the disposable cameras at the wedding reception.  Also see additional wedding pictures and pictures from the honeymoon!
Eight new Video Clips added on 11/18/01 featuring Crazy Legs, The Magic Tooth, Breakdance!, and more!!!  All these videos from the infamous "Uncle Mike's Wedding Cam" are now available in the Video Clips section!!

More clips to come soon!! Check back often!!

Only a few people have had problems with the slideshows on the CD Favor.  They do not hear music playing during these slideshows.  If you are one of those people, please download this program (~500kb) and install it.  Once installed try playing the Slideshows again.  You should now hear sound.  If that doesn't work, request a VHS tape!

You can request a VHS copy of the slideshows that were on the CD favors! If you were unable to view the slideshows correctly with sound, or if you know of someone who was incapable of viewing the CD, please request a VHS tape on the Request page and we will send one out as soon as possible! 

Also, if you would like a high resolution copy of any of the pictures you see on this site, please request them on the Request page.  List the table number and file name and we will email you a high resolution copy of that picture suitable for printing.  Each picture is between 500-800 kb.


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